Mission and Objectives

The mission and objectives of Henley Alumni Association Malaysia are as follows:-




To maintain a life-long connection to Henley Business School by building a local community of engaged alumni in Malaysia.



  1. To create a focal point for course members to keep in contact with 'one another'.
  2. To establish a fellowship of course members from the different courses who exchange views and extend their network of contacts.
  3. To provide a forum for closer cooperation and interchange between the Alumni and the Henley International Alumni Network (HIAN), Henley MBA Alumni (UK) and other Alumni associations in the Asia - Pacific Region.
  4. To increase Henley's prominence as a major quality management provider in the commercial and business area.

Alumni Reception with Tan Sri Siti Sa'Diah Sheikh Bakir in Kuala Lumpur

All Henley Business School alumni, students and business contacts in Malaysia are warmly invited to attend a key note session and networking ...